ESL Questions About Crossy Road

Hey there, fellow ESL teachers! Today, we’re going to explore a fun and engaging game that you can incorporate into your English language lessons: Crossy Road! If you haven’t heard of it yet, don’t worry. I’m here to introduce you to this amazing game and show you how it can be a fantastic tool for teaching vocabulary, improving communication skills, and making learning an absolute blast in the classroom. So, let’s get ready to hop, skip, and jump into the world of Crossy Road together!

ESL Speaking Questions About Crossy Road

Beginner ESL Questions about Crossy Road

  1. How do you play Crossy Road?
  2. What is the goal of the game?
  3. Is Crossy Road a single-player or multiplayer game?
  4. Can you play Crossy Road on your phone?
  5. Do you need an internet connection to play Crossy Road?
  6. How many different characters are there in Crossy Road?
  7. What happens if you get hit by a car in Crossy Road?
  8. Are there any special abilities that characters have in Crossy Road?
  9. What do you have to do to unlock new characters in Crossy Road?
  10. How many coins do you need to unlock a new character?
  11. Can you play Crossy Road on a computer?
  12. Is Crossy Road a free game to play?
  13. What are some obstacles you might encounter in Crossy Road?
  14. Can you jump in Crossy Road?
  15. What happens if you fall into the water in Crossy Road?
  16. Can you customize the appearance of your character in Crossy Road?
  17. Can you play Crossy Road with your friends?
  18. How long can you play Crossy Road before the game ends?
  19. What is your highest score in Crossy Road?
  20. Do you think Crossy Road is a fun game? Why or why not?

Intermediate ESL Questions about Crossy Road

  1. Have you ever played Crossy Road?
  2. What type of game is Crossy Road?
  3. Is Crossy Road a single-player or multiplayer game?
  4. What is the objective of Crossy Road?
  5. What animals can you play as in Crossy Road?
  6. Are there any special powers or abilities in Crossy Road?
  7. How many lanes are on the road in Crossy Road?
  8. What happens if you get hit by a car in Crossy Road?
  9. What are some obstacles you might encounter in Crossy Road?
  10. Are there any checkpoints or levels in Crossy Road?
  11. Is there a time limit in Crossy Road?
  12. What is your highest score in Crossy Road?
  13. Do you enjoy playing Crossy Road? Why or why not?
  14. Have you ever played Crossy Road with a friend? How was it?
  15. Can you describe the graphics and visuals in Crossy Road?
  16. Is Crossy Road easy or challenging to play?
  17. What strategies do you use to avoid getting hit in Crossy Road?
  18. Are there any additional characters or worlds to unlock in Crossy Road?
  19. Do you think Crossy Road is a good game for learning English? Why?
  20. Does Crossy Road have any in-app purchases or advertisements?

Advanced ESL Questions about Crossy Road

  1. How often do you play Crossy Road?
  2. What do you like most about Crossy Road?
  3. Have you ever completed all the levels in Crossy Road? If yes, how long did it take you?
  4. What strategies do you use to get a high score in Crossy Road?
  5. Do you prefer playing Crossy Road on a mobile device or on a computer?
  6. Which character do you usually play as in Crossy Road? Why?
  7. Are there any obstacles in Crossy Road that you find very difficult to overcome?
  8. Have you ever played Crossy Road with friends? How was your experience?
  9. Would you consider Crossy Road to be an addictive game? Why or why not?
  10. What is the most challenging aspect of Crossy Road for you?
  11. Do you think playing Crossy Road helps to improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination?
  12. What other similar games have you played that are as enjoyable as Crossy Road?
  13. Have you ever played Crossy Road for more than an hour in one sitting?
  14. Do you feel satisfied when you successfully cross a difficult road in Crossy Road? Why or why not?
  15. If you could create a new obstacle in Crossy Road, what would it be?
  16. Would you recommend Crossy Road to other people? Why or why not?
  17. What changes or improvements would you like to see in future updates of Crossy Road?
  18. Have you ever used any cheats or hacks while playing Crossy Road? If yes, why?
  19. Are there any specific skills or techniques that you have developed from playing Crossy Road?
  20. Do you think Crossy Road is a good game to play as a way to pass the time? Why or why not?
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ESL Reading Activities About Crossy Road

Beginner ESL Activities About Crossy Road

Are you looking for a fun and exciting game to play? Crossy Road is the perfect game for you! It is a popular mobile game that can be played on your phone or tablet. The game is all about helping a cute little character, called a “chicken,” safely cross the road. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be quite challenging, but that’s what makes it so much fun! The road is filled with cars, trucks, and other obstacles that you need to avoid. You have to be quick and careful, otherwise, you might get hit and the game will be over.

Crossy Road is a great game for beginners because it is easy to understand and play. The controls are simple – you just need to swipe left, right, up, or down to move the chicken. The graphics are colorful and the sound effects are exciting. As you progress in the game, you can unlock different characters, such as a duck, a bunny, or even a robot! Each character has its own special ability, which can help you cross the road more easily.

One of the best things about Crossy Road is that it helps improve your concentration and reflexes. You need to stay focused and react quickly to avoid getting hit. It is a great way to train your brain and have fun at the same time. You can play it alone or with friends. Challenge your friends to beat your high score and see who can cross the road the most times without getting hit!

So, if you’re looking for an enjoyable and educational game, give Crossy Road a try. It’s an addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours. Just be careful, once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop!

Vocabulary Word
a person or animal in a game or story
things that are in the way and make it difficult to do something
difficult but in a way that is interesting and enjoyable
how you make something happen or how you play a game
the pictures or design in a game or on a computer screen
sound effects
the noises that you hear while playing a game or watching a movie
move forward and improve
the ability to focus on something and not be distracted
quick reactions to something that happens
making you want to keep playing

Intermediate ESL Activities About Crossy Road

Are you familiar with Crossy Road? It’s a popular mobile game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Crossy Road is an endless hopping game where players guide a character, such as a chicken or a penguin, across a busy road without getting hit by cars or falling into rivers. The goal is to get as far as possible, collecting coins along the way.

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The game is incredibly addictive, and it’s great for intermediate ESL learners too. Not only does it provide a fun way to pass the time, but it also helps improve vocabulary, coordination, and decision-making skills.

When playing Crossy Road, players need to be alert and quick. They have to carefully time their movements to avoid oncoming traffic and obstacles. This requires concentration and fast reflexes. It’s a great exercise for improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

As players progress in the game, they encounter different characters, each with its own unique abilities. For example, some characters can float on logs, while others can pass through trains. This introduces new vocabulary and encourages players to think strategically. They need to analyze the situation and make decisions based on the character’s abilities and the obstacles in their path.

Crossy Road also provides an opportunity to practice vocabulary related to transportation. Players will encounter cars, trucks, trains, and other vehicles as they hop across the road. They can describe these vehicles using words like “vehicle,” “traffic,” “driver,” and “intersection.”

Another useful aspect of Crossy Road is the coins that players collect. These coins can be used to unlock new characters or purchase other in-game items. It’s a great way to reinforce basic math skills, as players need to count their coins and make decisions about how to spend them.

In conclusion, Crossy Road is not just a fun and addictive game, but also a valuable tool for ESL learners. It offers a chance to improve vocabulary, coordination, decision-making, and math skills. So, why not give it a try and see how far you can hop?

Vocabulary Word
jumping quickly from one place to another
things that block or hinder progress
the ability to move different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently
automatic or instinctive reactions to stimuli
the different avatars or personas that players control in a game
skills or powers that a character possesses
in a way that involves careful planning and thinking ahead
the act of moving people or goods from one place to another
strengthen or support
short form of mathematics

Advanced ESL Activities About Crossy Road

Are you a fan of video games? If so, you’ve probably heard of Crossy Road. It’s a popular mobile game that has gained a huge following worldwide. In Crossy Road, the objective is to guide a character through an endless series of obstacles, such as busy streets, fast-moving rivers, and even jumping logs. The goal is to reach the highest score possible and unlock new characters along the way.

One of the most appealing aspects of Crossy Road is its simple yet addictive gameplay. The controls are easy to learn, but the game becomes increasingly challenging as you progress. Each time your character moves forward, the obstacles become faster and more numerous. This requires quick thinking and excellent reflexes to avoid getting hit. It’s an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience!

Another reason why Crossy Road is so beloved is its charming graphics and playful characters. The game features a variety of adorable animals, objects, and even famous figures like the chicken, which has become the game’s unofficial mascot. Each character has its own unique animations and sound effects, making the game even more delightful to play. You can unlock these characters by collecting coins throughout your journey.

In addition to its enjoyable gameplay and appealing visuals, Crossy Road also offers various challenges and rewards. There are daily missions and special events that give you the opportunity to earn extra coins or unlock exclusive characters. It adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation to keep playing and improving your skills.

Overall, Crossy Road is a fantastic game that combines simplicity, challenge, and entertainment. It’s suitable for players of all ages, from children to adults. So, give it a try and see how high you can score! But beware, it can be quite addictive!

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Vocabulary Word
a group of people who are interested in and support a particular person, product, or activity
something that blocks or hinders progress or movement
the body’s automatic response to a stimulus
very cute or charming
a person, animal, or object that is believed to bring good luck or represents a group
the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement
pleasant, enjoyable, or charming
limited or restricted to a particular group or people
the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way
causing a strong and harmful need to regularly have or do something

ESL Writing Activities About Crossy Road

Beginner ESL Writing Questions about Crossy Road

1. What is Crossy Road?
2. Have you ever played Crossy Road? If so, describe your experience.
3. Can you name any animals or characters you can play as in Crossy Road?
4. Describe the objective of Crossy Road in your own words.
5. Do you think Crossy Road is an easy or difficult game? Why?

Intermediate ESL Writing Questions about Crossy Road

1. What strategies do you use to cross the road safely in Crossy Road?
2. How does Crossy Road differ from other mobile games you have played?
3. Can you name any obstacles or challenges that you encounter in Crossy Road?
4. Share a memorable moment or achievement you have had while playing Crossy Road.
5. Do you think playing Crossy Road can improve your hand-eye coordination? Why or why not?

Advanced ESL Writing Questions about Crossy Road

1. Discuss the addictive nature of games like Crossy Road and their impact on individuals’ daily lives.
2. Analyze the game mechanics of Crossy Road and explain how they contribute to the game’s appeal.
3. Reflect on how Crossy Road incorporates elements of risk and reward in its gameplay.
4. Compare Crossy Road to classic arcade games. How does it borrow from or innovate upon the arcade game genre?
5. Consider the potential educational value of Crossy Road for ESL learners. How could it be used as a learning tool in the classroom?

ESL Roleplay Activities about Crossy Road

1. Cross the Road Adventure:
Divide the class into pairs or small groups and give each group a scenario based on Crossy Road. For example, one student can pretend to be a chicken trying to cross the road while the other student can pretend to be a car or a truck. Encourage students to use English phrases and sentences to negotiate and navigate across the road safely.

2. Crossy Road Characters:
Assign each student a different character from Crossy Road and have them create a short skit or dialogue using English. They can act out a scene in which their characters interact, such as meeting at an intersection, crossing the road together, or getting stuck in traffic. This activity helps students practice English vocabulary related to characters, actions, and scenarios.

3. Traffic Light Directions:
Create a mock intersection with traffic lights in the classroom or on the playground. Assign different roles to students, such as traffic police, pedestrians, and drivers. The traffic police can give directions in English, such as “Go straight,” “Turn left,” or “Stop.” The other students must follow these instructions correctly using appropriate phrases and gestures.

4. Design Your Crossy Road:
Ask students to design a new version of Crossy Road featuring different characters and obstacles. In pairs or small groups, have them discuss and imagine what their game would look like. Each group can present their design to the class, explaining its unique elements and challenges using English. This activity allows students to practice descriptive language and presentation skills.

5. Crossy Road Interviews:
Assign students different roles, such as game developers, game testers, or characters from Crossy Road. Have them participate in mock interviews, where they can ask and answer questions about the game in English. This activity encourages students to articulate their thoughts, opinions, and experiences related to Crossy Road, while also practicing interview-style dialogue.

These ESL roleplay activities about Crossy Road provide engaging and interactive ways for students to practice speaking English while exploring themes and concepts related to the popular game.