ESL Free Time Activities Lesson Plan [Free PDF]


The ESL Free Time Activities Lesson Plan aims to help students learn and practice vocabulary and expressions related to leisure activities. This lesson plan is important as it helps students effectively communicate about their hobbies, interests, and free time activities. By learning this topic, students can engage in meaningful conversations with others, describe their preferences and pastimes, and connect with people who share similar interests. Moreover, discussing free time activities can also be a great way to encourage language development through real-life contexts and experiences.

Vocabulary Building


An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.
Something that serves to make time pass agreeably; a pleasant way to spend one’s free time.
A feeling of wanting to learn more about something or to be involved in something.
(noun) Activity done for enjoyment when one is not working. (verb) The act of making new something that previously existed.

Leisure activities
Activities that are freely chosen and take place during a person’s free time, outside of work or other obligations

Contextual Usage

1. She has many hobbies such as painting and playing the guitar.
2. Reading is my favorite pastime during weekends.
3. I have a keen interest in learning different languages.
4. We went on a recreation trip to the mountains last summer.
5. I enjoy various leisure activities like hiking and gardening during my free time.

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ESL Warm-up Activity

To start the lesson, begin with a “Free Time Activities” brainstorming session. Write the words “leisure activities” on the board and ask students to think of as many free time activities as they can in two minutes. Encourage them to shout out their ideas, and write them down for everyone to see. This activity will not only activate their prior knowledge but also introduce key vocabulary related to free time activities, setting the stage for further exploration of the topic in the lesson.

Main ESL Lesson Activities

Vocabulary Activity: Free Time Activities Word Search

Provide students with a word search puzzle containing words related to free time activities. Encourage them to work in pairs or small groups to find and circle the words. After completing the puzzle, ask students to take turns sharing sentences using the words they found, promoting both vocabulary retention and speaking practice.

Listening Activity: Leisure Activities Interview

Pair up students and have them interview each other about their favorite leisure activities. One student asks questions while the other takes notes. Then, they switch roles. This activity provides listening practice as well as an opportunity for students to share their interests with each other.

Roleplay Activity: Planning a Leisure Weekend

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a scenario where they need to plan a leisure weekend trip. Students should collaborate and discuss different free time activities they would like to do during this weekend, considering factors such as weather, location, and group preferences. This roleplay activity encourages teamwork, decision-making skills, and language practice.

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Reading and Writing Activity: Creating Free Time Activity Brochures

Ask students to design a brochure promoting various leisure activities in their city or town. They can include information such as popular places for these activities, equipment needed, or any special offers available nearby. This activity integrates reading (researching for information) with writing (creating compelling content), allowing students to express themselves creatively while reinforcing vocabulary related to free time activities.

ESL Homework Assignment

For homework, students are encouraged to create a collage or a short presentation showcasing their favorite free time activities. They can include images or drawings along with descriptions of each activity. This assignment not only reinforces the vocabulary and expressions learned in class but also provides an opportunity for students to share their interests with their peers during the next lesson.


Key Points Summary

In this ESL Free Time Activities Lesson Plan, students have explored and expanded their vocabulary related to leisure activities, engaged in discussions about their hobbies and preferences, and practiced language skills through various interactive activities.


Reflect on how learning to express one’s free time activities in a new language can enhance communication skills and facilitate meaningful conversations with others. Consider how this vocabulary can be applied in real-life situations when interacting with native speakers or other English learners, further reinforcing language development.

Why this topic is great for ESL learning

The ESL Free Time Activities Lesson Plan is a valuable topic for ESL learning as it not only enriches students’ vocabulary but also encourages them to engage in authentic conversations about their personal interests. By discussing leisure activities, students can practice expressing preferences, narrating experiences, and engaging in discussions, thus honing their speaking and listening skills in a practical context. Additionally, the topic provides insights into cultural aspects related to free time and hobbies, fostering a deeper understanding of social dynamics and interactions in English-speaking environments.

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