ESL Questions About Hasbulla

Have you heard of Hasbulla? Meet the internet sensation who has taken the world by storm with his adorable, yet unique appearance. Standing at just 18 inches tall, Hasbulla’s charm and infectious laughter have won the hearts of millions. In this blog post, we will explore the phenomenon of Hasbulla and discuss how incorporating unique and diverse role models in ESL classrooms can enhance students’ learning experience. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s dive into the world of Hasbulla and the power of representation!

ESL Speaking Questions About Hasbulla

Sure, here are 20 beginner level speaking questions about Hasbulla:

Beginner ESL Questions about Hasbulla

  1. Who is Hasbulla?
  2. Where is Hasbulla from?
  3. How old is Hasbulla?
  4. What does Hasbulla do?
  5. Is Hasbulla famous? Why?
  6. What is Hasbulla’s height?
  7. Does Hasbulla have any siblings?
  8. What language does Hasbulla speak?
  9. Have you seen any videos or pictures of Hasbulla?
  10. What do you think about Hasbulla’s videos?
  11. Do you find Hasbulla entertaining?
  12. Would you like to meet Hasbulla in person?
  13. Do you think Hasbulla’s popularity will continue to grow?
  14. Have you ever heard of Hasbulla’s catchphrase? What is it?
  15. How do you think Hasbulla became famous?
  16. What do you think Hasbulla’s future career might be?
  17. Would you like to have Hasbulla as a friend? Why or why not?
  18. What is your favorite thing about Hasbulla?
  19. Do you think Hasbulla’s height has helped or hindered his success?
  20. What do you think Hasbulla’s personality is like?

I hope these questions are helpful for your ESL teaching purposes!

Intermediate ESL Questions about Hasbulla

Intermediate ESL Questions about Hasbulla

  1. Do you know who Hasbulla is?
  2. Have you seen any videos or pictures of Hasbulla?
  3. What do you know about Hasbulla’s background?
  4. How did Hasbulla gain popularity?
  5. Do you find Hasbulla’s videos funny or entertaining? Why or why not?
  6. What are some of the things that people say about Hasbulla?
  7. Have you ever shared or posted anything about Hasbulla on social media?
  8. What kind of reactions or comments have you seen regarding Hasbulla on social media?
  9. Do you think the attention Hasbulla receives is positive or negative? Why?
  10. What do you think is the main reason for Hasbulla’s popularity?
  11. Are there any controversies surrounding Hasbulla that you are aware of?
  12. How do you think Hasbulla feels about all the attention he receives?
  13. Do you think Hasbulla’s fame will last? Why or why not?
  14. Have you ever discussed Hasbulla with your friends or family?
  15. Do you follow any social media accounts that feature Hasbulla? Why or why not?
  16. What is your opinion about the memes and jokes related to Hasbulla?
  17. What impact do you think Hasbulla’s fame has on society?
  18. Have you ever watched any interviews or documentaries about Hasbulla?
  19. Would you like to meet Hasbulla in person? Why or why not?
  20. What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to become famous like Hasbulla?

Advanced ESL Questions about Hasbulla

  1. What do you know about Hasbulla and why has he gained international attention?
  2. Can you explain the concept of viral fame and how it relates to Hasbulla?
  3. Do you think Hasbulla’s popularity is justified? Why or why not?
  4. What are some positive and negative aspects of being a social media sensation like Hasbulla?
  5. How do you think Hasbulla became such a sensation on social media platforms?
  6. Do you think it is ethical to exploit individuals like Hasbulla for fame and entertainment? Why or why not?
  7. What can we learn about society’s obsession with viral sensations like Hasbulla?
  8. What impact do you think Hasbulla’s fame has on his personal life and mental well-being?
  9. Discuss the role of social media in creating and amplifying Hasbulla’s fame.
  10. In your opinion, is Hasbulla’s fame a temporary trend or will it have a lasting impact?
  11. How does Hasbulla’s story challenge conventional beauty standards and societal expectations?
  12. What responsibilities do influencers and celebrities have towards individuals like Hasbulla?
  13. Is Hasbulla’s popularity a reflection of our society’s fascination with uniqueness and individuality?
  14. Discuss the ethical implications of Hasbulla’s popularity within the entertainment industry.
  15. What are some factors that contribute to the rapid rise of viral sensations like Hasbulla?
  16. Do you think social media platforms should have regulations in place to prevent the exploitation of individuals like Hasbulla?
  17. How does Hasbulla’s story impact the way we perceive and treat individuals with disabilities?
  18. What lessons can we learn from Hasbulla’s story about the power and influence of the internet?
  19. Discuss the role of humor and entertainment in Hasbulla’s popularity.
  20. What measures can be taken to ensure that individuals like Hasbulla are treated with respect and dignity?
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ESL Reading Activities About Hasbulla

Beginner ESL Activities About Hasbulla

Hasbulla is a popular social media star who has gained a lot of attention in recent times. He is from Russia and has a condition called dwarfism, which means he is much smaller in size compared to most people. Despite his small stature, Hasbulla has a big personality and a huge following on social media.

Many people find Hasbulla’s videos and pictures cute and funny. In his videos, you can see him dancing, making funny faces, or just having a good time with his friends. His cheerful nature is contagious, and his fans love to watch him spread joy and laughter.

Hasbulla has become an inspiration to many people around the world. He shows that no matter what challenges you face, you can still have a positive outlook on life and make others happy. His positive attitude and sense of humor have captured the hearts of people from different countries and cultures.

Hasbulla’s popularity has also led to many memes being created in his honor. These memes often include funny captions or pictures of Hasbulla doing silly things. People enjoy sharing these memes with their friends and laughing together.

If you are an ESL teacher, there are several activities you can do with your students to practice English while learning about Hasbulla. Here are some ideas:

  1. Write a short paragraph describing Hasbulla’s appearance, using adjectives like “small,” “cute,” and “funny.”
  2. Discuss the importance of having a positive attitude, using Hasbulla as an example.
  3. Create a dialogue between two students where they pretend to be Hasbulla and one of his friends.
  4. Watch a video of Hasbulla together and have a discussion about what they enjoyed and what made them laugh.
Vocabulary Word
a medical condition that causes a person to be much smaller than average
the height or size of a person
spreading easily from person to person
something or someone that motivates or encourages others
one’s attitude or perspective on life
sense of humor
the ability to find things funny and make others laugh
an image, video, or piece of text that is shared and spread rapidly on the internet
caught the attention or interest of
to do an activity repeatedly in order to improve or become better at it
a conversation between two or more people

Intermediate ESL Activities About Hasbulla

Hasbulla is a popular social media star who has captured the hearts of people all around the world. He is a young boy from Russia with a rare genetic condition called dwarfism. Despite his small stature, Hasbulla has become an internet sensation with millions of followers on various social media platforms.

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Hasbulla’s popularity can be attributed to his charming personality and sense of humor. He often posts funny videos and pictures on his social media accounts, making people laugh and smile. Many people admire Hasbulla for his positive attitude and confidence, despite facing challenges in his life.

One of the things that sets Hasbulla apart is his ability to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. He has a strong online presence and interacts with his followers through live streams and comments. This has allowed him to build a supportive and inclusive community, where people from all walks of life can come together and celebrate their differences.

Hasbulla’s story is not just about fame and popularity. He is also dedicated to raising awareness about his condition and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. Through his social media platforms, he educates others about dwarfism and promotes inclusivity and acceptance.

As an ESL teacher, there are several activities you can do with your students to engage them in a discussion about Hasbulla. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Discussion: Divide the class into small groups and ask each group to discuss why they think Hasbulla has gained so much popularity. Encourage them to use the highlighted vocabulary words in their discussions.
  2. Writing exercise: Have the students write a short paragraph about a role model they admire. They can use Hasbulla as an inspiration and include some of the highlighted vocabulary words in their writing.
  3. Research project: Assign each student a different disability or condition and ask them to research and present a short report on it. Include a discussion on how society can be more inclusive and accepting, using Hasbulla as an example.

Overall, Hasbulla’s story is a powerful reminder that despite our differences, we can all find common ground and make a positive impact in the world. His journey teaches us about resilience, kindness, and the importance of embracing diversity.

Vocabulary Word
Genetic condition
A medical condition or disorder that is inherited through genes.
A condition characterized by abnormally short stature.
Something or someone that attracts a lot of attention or interest.
Internet sensation
Someone who becomes extremely popular or well-known through the internet.
Very pleasing or attractive.
Positive attitude
A mindset characterized by optimism and a hopeful outlook.
To establish a relationship or form a bond with someone.
Including or accommodating people from all backgrounds and abilities.
To publicly support or promote a cause or belief.
The quality or state of being inclusive.

Advanced ESL Activities About Hasbulla

Hasbulla Magomedov, also known as “Mini Khabib,” is a social media sensation who has captured the attention of people worldwide. Despite his small stature, Hasbulla’s charm and infectious personality have earned him a massive following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Hasbulla’s rise to fame began when videos of him imitating the popular UFC fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov, went viral. People were amazed by his ability to mimic Khabib’s fighting moves and signature expressions. Soon, Hasbulla became a beloved figure in the MMA community, even catching the attention of Khabib himself.

While Hasbulla primarily gained fame for his impersonation skills, he has also used his platform to spread messages of positivity and kindness. He often collaborates with other social media influencers to create entertaining and uplifting content for his followers. In doing so, he has become an inspiration to many young people who face challenges and may feel marginalized due to their size or appearance.

Hasbulla’s popularity has also opened doors for him in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in TV shows and music videos, showcasing his versatility as a performer. Despite his success, Hasbulla remains humble and down-to-earth, always appreciative of the love and support he receives from his fans.

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Through his engaging content and positive attitude, Hasbulla has brought joy to millions around the world. He proves that no matter your size or circumstances, you can accomplish great things and make a difference in people’s lives.

Vocabulary Word
a person or thing that causes great public interest and excitement
likely to spread or influence others in a rapid and irresistible manner
pleasing or delightful in a way that attracts others
rapidly and widely circulated via online platforms
to imitate or copy the actions, speech, or appearance of someone
a look on someone’s face that conveys a particular emotion or meaning
inspiring, encouraging, or giving a sense of optimism
to make someone feel less important or excluded from mainstream society
the quality of being adaptable, flexible, or capable of doing various tasks
practical, realistic, and unpretentious

ESL Writing Activities About Hasbulla

Beginner ESL Writing Questions about Hasbulla

1. Do you know who Hasbulla is? If yes, can you describe him in a few words?
2. What are your thoughts on Hasbulla’s popularity on social media?
3. Have you ever seen any videos or memes featuring Hasbulla? If yes, how did they make you feel?
4. If you could meet Hasbulla, what questions would you ask him?
5. Can you think of any potential challenges or struggles Hasbulla may face due to his condition?

Intermediate ESL Writing Questions about Hasbulla

1. What do you find intriguing or fascinating about Hasbulla’s story?
2. In your opinion, why do you think Hasbulla has gained such a large following on social media?
3. Do you think Hasbulla’s fame is primarily positive or negative? Explain your reasoning.
4. If you could speak to Hasbulla directly, what advice or words of encouragement would you offer him?
5. How do you think Hasbulla’s portrayal in the media affects people’s understanding and perception of disabilities?

Advanced ESL Writing Questions about Hasbulla

1. Reflecting on Hasbulla’s story, discuss the implications of his fame in terms of ethics, privacy, and exploitation.
2. Compare and contrast the representation of disability in the media – focusing on Hasbulla’s case and other examples you are familiar with.
3. Analyze the impact of internet culture and social media on the phenomenon of overnight celebrities like Hasbulla.
4. As an ESL teacher, how might you incorporate Hasbulla’s story into your classroom discussions to promote empathy and inclusivity?
5. Explore the potential long-term consequences of sudden internet fame on individuals like Hasbulla, considering both positive and negative aspects.

ESL Roleplay Activities about Hasbulla

Activity 1: Introducing Hasbulla
Roleplay Scenario: You are hosting a talk show and have a special guest, Hasbulla, a famous internet sensation. One student plays the role of the talk show host and another student plays the role of Hasbulla. The host asks questions about Hasbulla’s life, achievements, and future plans.

Activity 2: Meeting Hasbulla at the Airport
Roleplay Scenario: Students pair up, with one student playing the role of Hasbulla and the other student playing the role of a fan. The fan spots Hasbulla at the airport and approaches him/her to ask for a photo and an autograph. They engage in a conversation, using appropriate greetings and expressions.

Activity 3: Hasbulla’s Fan Club Meeting
Roleplay Scenario: Students form a small group to create a fan club for Hasbulla. Each student can take on a different role, such as the club president, social media manager, or event organizer. They hold a meeting to discuss upcoming events, promotional activities, and ways to support and promote Hasbulla’s work.

Activity 4: Interviewing Hasbulla for a Magazine
Roleplay Scenario: Students pair up, with one student playing the role of a magazine journalist and the other playing the role of Hasbulla. The journalist has the opportunity to interview Hasbulla for a feature article. They prepare questions in advance and engage in a conversation, practicing their interviewing and conversational skills.

Activity 5: Hasbulla’s TV Show
Roleplay Scenario: Students work in small groups to create a TV show concept starring Hasbulla. Each group comes up with a unique show idea, such as a comedy sketch, a game show, or a talk show. They develop scripts, rehearse their roles, and perform their mini TV shows in front of the class.