ESL Questions About Moana

Have you ever wanted to take your students on an adventurous journey through language learning? Well, look no further! In today’s blog post, we’ll be diving into the magical world of Moana and exploring how this beloved Disney film can be a fantastic resource for ESL teachers. From engaging activities to thought-provoking discussions, Moana offers a treasure trove of opportunities to engage and inspire your students. So grab your paddles, hop on your virtual canoe and let’s set sail on this educational voyage!

ESL Speaking Questions About Moana

Beginner ESL Questions about Moana

  1. What is the name of the movie we are talking about?
  2. Who is the main character in the movie?
  3. Where does Moana live?
  4. Is Moana a princess?
  5. What is Moana’s mission in the movie?
  6. What does Moana need to find?
  7. Who helps Moana on her journey?
  8. What is the name of Moana’s pet pig?
  9. What is the name of the demigod in the movie?
  10. What is the significance of the Heart of Te Fiti?
  11. What is the name of the island that Moana’s people live on?
  12. Does Moana have any siblings?
  13. What instrument does Moana play?
  14. Who is the director of the movie?
  15. What is the name of the song that Moana sings about her village?
  16. Describe Moana’s relationship with the ocean.
  17. What kind of animal is Moana’s sidekick, Hei Hei?
  18. Why does Moana’s father want her to stay on the island?
  19. When was the movie Moana released?
  20. What is your favorite part of the movie?

Intermediate ESL Questions about Moana

  • 1. Have you watched the movie “Moana”? What did you think about it?
  • 2. Who are the main characters in “Moana”? Describe them.
  • 3. What is the setting of the movie? Where does the story take place?
  • 4. What is Moana’s role in her village? How does she feel about it?
  • 5. What is the importance of the ocean in the movie?
  • 6. How does Moana’s journey to find Maui begin?
  • 7. Describe Maui and his powers in the movie.
  • 8. Why does Moana need to find Maui?
  • 9. How does the relationship between Moana and Maui develop throughout the movie?
  • 10. What challenges does Moana face during her journey?
  • 11. Explain the significance of the Heart of Te Fiti in the story.
  • 12. How does Moana show bravery and determination in the movie?
  • 13. What lessons can we learn from Moana’s character?
  • 14. Describe the music and songs in “Moana”. Which one is your favorite?
  • 15. Why is the movie “Moana” considered empowering for young girls?
  • 16. How does the movie promote the importance of cultural identity and traditions?
  • 17. What is the message or moral of the story in “Moana”?
  • 18. Do you think “Moana” accurately represents Polynesian culture? Why or why not?
  • 19. What other movies, books, or stories remind you of “Moana”? Why?
  • 20. Would you recommend “Moana” to others? Why or why not?
  • Advanced ESL Questions about Moana

    1. What is the main message portrayed in the movie Moana?
    2. How does Moana’s character develop throughout the film?
    3. Discuss some of the challenges Moana faces on her journey.
    4. How does Moana’s relationship with her grandmother influence her decisions?
    5. Explain the significance of the ocean as a character in the story.
    6. Discuss the role of music in Moana and how it adds to the overall storytelling.
    7. What does the character Maui teach Moana throughout their journey?
    8. How does Moana challenge traditional gender roles in the film?
    9. Describe the relationship between Moana and her father, Chief Tui.
    10. What cultural elements are represented in Moana?
    11. Compare and contrast Moana’s determination with other Disney heroines.
    12. What lessons does Moana teach children about perseverance and following their dreams?
    13. How does the theme of identity play a role in Moana?
    14. Discuss the symbolism behind Moana’s necklace and its connection to her ancestors.
    15. What are some of the challenges Moana faces in her quest to restore the heart of Te Fiti?
    16. Explain the importance of the kakamora in the story and their impact on the plot.
    17. Discuss the role of mythical creatures, like the demigod Maui, in Polynesian folklore.
    18. What can we learn from the relationship between Moana and the ocean in the movie?
    19. How does Moana demonstrate leadership qualities throughout her journey?
    20. Explain the concept of wayfinding and its significance in Moana’s story.

    ESL Reading Activities About Moana

    Beginner ESL Activities About Moana

    Moana is a popular Disney movie that tells the story of a young Polynesian girl named Moana. She is adventurous and brave. Moana lives on a beautiful island called Motunui. She dreams of exploring the ocean, but her father wants her to stay on the island and become the next chief. One day, Moana’s grandmother tells her about a great danger that is coming to the island. Moana decides to leave her home and find a demigod named Maui to help save her people.

    On her journey, Moana faces many challenges, including a giant crab and a fiery monster. She also learns about the importance of being true to herself and following her own dreams. Along the way, Moana discovers that she has the heart of Te Fiti, a powerful ancient goddess. With the help of Maui and her own determination, Moana restores the heart of Te Fiti and saves her people from the danger.

    This movie teaches us about bravery, friendship, and the power of believing in ourselves. Moana is a strong and inspiring character who shows us that we can achieve anything if we have the courage to pursue our dreams.

    Here are some vocabulary words related to Moana:

    Vocabulary Word
    relating to the people or culture of Polynesia, a region in the Pacific Ocean
    willing to take risks and try new things
    a piece of land surrounded by water
    the leader or ruler of a group or tribe
    a being who is part god and part human
    difficulties or obstacles
    extremely large in size
    on fire or very hot
    the strength to keep trying and not giving up
    making you feel motivated or encouraged

    Intermediate ESL Activities About Moana

    Moana is a popular animated movie that tells the story of a brave and adventurous young girl named Moana. Set in the beautiful Pacific Islands, Moana goes on a daring journey to save her people. With the help of the demigod Maui, she embarks on a quest to find the heart of Te Fiti, a mystical stone that has the power to restore life to her island.

    Throughout her journey, Moana encounters many challenges and learns valuable life lessons. She discovers the importance of following her dreams and listening to her heart. Moana’s determination and courage inspire others to believe in themselves and never give up.

    The movie is filled with breathtaking visuals and catchy songs that will leave you humming for days. It showcases the vibrant culture of the Pacific Islands, including their music, dance, and traditions. Moana’s strong character and the positive messages in the movie make it a perfect choice for ESL learners.

    If you are an ESL teacher, there are many activities you can do with your students using Moana as a theme. You can discuss the characters and their traits, have your students retell the story, or even create their own adventure inspired by Moana. These activities not only improve language skills but also encourage creativity and critical thinking.

    Vocabulary Word
    willing to take risks or try out new experiences
    brave and courageous
    a being with partly divine and partly human attributes
    a long and difficult journey in search of something
    relating to an otherworldly or spiritual realm
    to bring back to its original or normal condition
    the act of making a firm decision and sticking to it
    the ability to face danger, difficulty, or pain without fear
    full of energy, excitement, and activity
    to tell a story or recount an event again in one’s own words

    Advanced ESL Activities About Moana

    Moana is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It tells the story of a young girl named Moana from the Polynesian island of Motunui. The film’s setting is inspired by the beautiful landscapes and vibrant cultures of the Pacific Islands.

    Moana, meaning “ocean” in some Polynesian languages, has a deep connection to the sea. She possesses a strong sense of adventure and a desire to explore beyond the shores of her home. When her island is endangered, she embarks on a daring journey to find a demigod named Maui and restore the heart of the ocean, an ancient relic with the power to save her people.

    As Moana sets sail, she encounters various obstacles, including treacherous ocean currents and a giant lava monster. Along the way, she learns valuable lessons about bravery, identity, and the importance of staying true to oneself. With the help of her witty and loyal sidekick, the ocean, Moana triumphs over challenges and discovers her own strength.

    The film’s breathtaking animation and catchy musical numbers, including the memorable “How Far I’ll Go,” captivate audiences of all ages. Moana’s courageous spirit and determination resonate with viewers, inspiring them to follow their dreams and overcome any obstacles that stand in their way.

    With its rich cultural references and engaging storyline, Moana serves as a fantastic resource for advanced ESL learners. Here are ten vocabulary words related to the film:

    Relating to the islands and people of Polynesia, a region in the Pacific Ocean.
    A being with partial divine status, having powers and abilities beyond those of mortal humans.
    An object of historical or cultural significance, often considered sacred or valuable.
    A great victory or success.
    Have a particular meaning or importance for someone.
    Attracting attention easily, memorable.
    Enchant or hold the attention of someone by being interesting or charming.
    The quality of being brave or courageous.
    A sense of who a person is, based on their personal characteristics, experiences, and beliefs.
    Something that blocks or hinders progress or achievement.

    Engaging in activities related to Moana can enhance your language skills and cultural awareness, while also providing inspiration to overcome obstacles in your own life.

    So, grab a bowl of popcorn and immerse yourself in the world of Moana!

    ESL Writing Activities About Moana

    Beginner ESL Writing Questions about Moana

    1. What is the name of the main character in the movie Moana?
    2. Describe Moana’s personality traits.
    3. Where is Moana from?
    4. How does Moana’s journey begin?
    5. Can you name any of the other characters in the movie?

    Intermediate ESL Writing Questions about Moana

    1. What is the main conflict in the movie Moana?
    2. How does Moana show her determination throughout the story?
    3. Describe the relationship between Moana and Maui.
    4. How does the movie explore themes of identity and self-discovery?
    5. Explain the significance of the ocean in Moana’s journey.

    Advanced ESL Writing Questions about Moana

    1. Analyze the role of cultural representation in Moana.
    2. Discuss the importance of Moana’s decision to leave her island.
    3. How does the movie challenge gender stereotypes through its characters?
    4. Evaluate the impact of the movie’s soundtrack on the overall storytelling.
    5. Interpret the deeper meaning behind the lyrics of the song “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

    ESL Roleplay Activities about Moana

    1. Village Meeting: In this roleplay activity, students can pretend to be characters from the movie Moana and hold a village meeting. Each student can choose a character from the movie (Moana, Maui, Gramma Tala, etc.) and discuss important issues or problems facing their island community. They can take turns speaking and expressing their thoughts and ideas, just like in a real meeting.

    2. Ocean Adventure: This roleplay activity allows students to become explorers like Moana and Maui. They can imagine sailing on a boat and encountering various challenges and interesting situations. Students can take turns being the captain, navigator, or even the ocean itself. Through this activity, they can practice describing their actions, telling stories, and using vocabulary related to sailing and adventure.

    3. Interview with Moana: In this roleplay activity, students can take turns interviewing each other as if they were interviewing Moana. They can ask questions about her journey, her encounters with Maui and other characters, and her motivations. This activity will help students practice their question formation skills, as well as improve their listening and speaking abilities.

    4. Saving Lalotai: Lalotai is the realm of monsters in the movie Moana. In this roleplay activity, students can create a scenario where they need to rescue someone or something from Lalotai. They can take on different roles such as Moana, Maui, or a monster hunter. Students can discuss strategies, make plans, and act out the rescue mission. This activity will promote teamwork, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking.

    5. Teaching Wayfinding: Wayfinding is an important navigation technique depicted in the movie Moana. In this roleplay activity, students can become wayfinding instructors and students. They can practice giving directions, explaining the use of different navigation tools, and teaching others how to find their way. Students can take turns being the teacher and the student, helping each other improve their language skills.

    These roleplay activities will not only engage ESL students in meaningful and interactive language practice but also provide a fun and engaging way to explore the world of Moana while learning English.

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