Peter and the Wolf Lesson Plans [Free PDF]


The Peter and the Wolf Lesson Plans are designed to introduce ESL students to the world of classical music while enhancing their language skills. This timeless story, with its captivating characters and enchanting music, provides an engaging platform for language learning. Through this lesson plan, students will not only improve their vocabulary and comprehension but also develop their listening, speaking, and writing abilities. By exploring the narrative and the musical elements of Peter and the Wolf, students can broaden their cultural knowledge and gain a deeper appreciation for storytelling and music, making it a valuable addition to any ESL curriculum.

Vocabulary Building

The story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.
The creation and portrayal of fictional characters in a story.
The arrangement of music for performance by an orchestra.
The main character in a literary work or drama.
A character or force in conflict with the main character.

ESL Warm-up Activity

To kick off the lesson on Peter and the Wolf, start with a fun activity called “Character Charades.” Write down the names of the characters from the story on separate cards and place them in a bag or a hat. Ask students to take turns picking a card and silently acting out the character they selected while others guess who it is. This activity not only introduces students to the characters but also encourages them to use body language and descriptive words related to each character, setting an engaging tone for the lesson.

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Main ESL Lesson Activities

Vocabulary Activity: Musical Instruments Match-Up

Begin by introducing the names of different musical instruments used in the Peter and the Wolf composition. Provide picture cards of the instruments and their names, then ask students to match them correctly in pairs. Encourage group discussions about the sounds each instrument makes and how they are used in orchestral music.

Listening Exercise: Soundtrack Analysis

Play excerpts from the Peter and the Wolf soundtrack, pausing after each character’s theme. Have students discuss the emotions or characteristics they associate with each musical passage. This activity encourages active listening and provides an opportunity for pair work to share interpretations.

Roleplay: Character Dialogues

Assign each student a character from Peter and the Wolf and have them create a short dialogue between their character and another. Encourage creativity in imagining conversations between characters, then have students perform their dialogues for the class, fostering speaking and listening skills.

Reading and Writing: Story Sequencing

Provide students with jumbled-up story cards related to Peter and the Wolf. In pairs, students must work together to arrange the events of the story in chronological order. Afterward, they can write a short paragraph describing their favorite part of the story, promoting both reading comprehension and writing skills.

ESL Homework Assignment

Homework Assignment: Creative Writing and Reflection

Ask students to choose a character from Peter and the Wolf and write a short creative story from that character’s perspective. Encourage them to incorporate descriptive language and emotions related to the character’s theme in the music. Additionally, request students to reflect on how the music helped them understand the character better.

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Optional Extension: Musical Exploration

For an optional extension, students can explore other classical music compositions and identify stories or characters associated with them. They can write a brief summary of their chosen composition and its characters, drawing parallels to their experience with Peter and the Wolf.



The Peter and the Wolf Lesson Plans have provided an immersive experience for students to explore classical music, storytelling, and language skills. Through engaging activities, students have delved into vocabulary building, listening comprehension, roleplay, and reading and writing exercises related to the timeless tale.


As students reflect on this lesson, they can recognize how the integration of music and narrative has enhanced their language development. The use of descriptive language to express emotions associated with characters and musical themes has expanded their vocabulary and encouraged creative writing. Additionally, the active listening exercises have honed their comprehension skills while fostering an appreciation for classical music as a storytelling medium.

Why this topic is great for ESL learning

Engaging and Multidimensional Learning

Peter and the Wolf Lesson Plans offer a unique and engaging approach to ESL learning. By incorporating classical music, storytelling, and language activities, students are exposed to a multidimensional learning experience that stimulates their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Cultural Exploration

Through the exploration of Peter and the Wolf, students are introduced to classical music and its rich cultural heritage. This topic provides an opportunity for students to learn about different musical instruments, composers, and musical styles, broadening their cultural knowledge and appreciation.

Language Development

The Peter and the Wolf Lesson Plans effectively integrate language development into the lesson activities. Students enhance their vocabulary through key terms related to the story and music. They also improve their listening comprehension skills by actively engaging with the soundtrack. Additionally, roleplay activities promote speaking skills as students embody different characters from the story.

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Cross-Curricular Connections

The Peter and the Wolf Lesson Plans seamlessly connect with other subjects such as music, literature, history, and art. This interdisciplinary approach allows students to make connections between different areas of knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of various subjects while strengthening their language skills.

Overall, Peter and the Wolf Lesson Plans provide an enriching ESL learning experience that combines music, storytelling, cultural exploration, language development, and cross-curricular connections. It is a topic that engages students’ interests while promoting holistic language acquisition.