ESL Questions About Spirited Away

Hey there, ESL teachers! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure into the mesmerizing world of Japanese animation? If you’re looking for an engaging and educational way to captivate your students’ imaginations, then look no further than the legendary film “Spirited Away.” This enchanting masterpiece, created by the renowned Hayao Miyazaki, has become an iconic cinematic experience loved by people of all ages around the world. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can incorporate the enchanting and multi-dimensional world of “Spirited Away” into your ESL classroom, using the film as a springboard for language learning and artistic exploration. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into a world filled with magic, mystery, and unforgettable characters!

ESL Speaking Questions About Spirited Away

Beginner ESL Questions about Spirited Away

  1. What is the title of the movie?
  2. Who is the main character in Spirited Away?
  3. Where does Chihiro’s family move to at the beginning of the movie?
  4. What happens to Chihiro’s parents in the spirit world?
  5. Why does Chihiro have to work in the bathhouse?
  6. What is the name of the river spirit that Chihiro helps?
  7. What is the job of the character named Lin?
  8. What happens to Haku towards the end of the movie?
  9. Who is Yubaba in the movie?
  10. What is Chihiro’s real name in the spirit world?
  11. What are the three heads of No-Face known for?
  12. Why does Chihiro return the river spirit’s gift?
  13. What is the underlying theme of Spirited Away?
  14. What creatures are seen flying around the bathhouse?
  15. What is the significance of the train tracks in Spirited Away?
  16. What is the role of Kamaji in the bathhouse?
  17. What do you think happens to Chihiro after the movie ends?
  18. Which character helps Chihiro throughout her journey in the spirit world?
  19. What is the importance of the golden seal in the movie?
  20. Why is No-Face initially attracted to Chihiro?

Intermediate ESL Questions about Spirited Away

  1. What is the main character’s name in Spirited Away?
  2. Where does Chihiro move to at the beginning of the movie?
  3. What kind of place is the bathhouse?
  4. Who is the owner of the bathhouse?
  5. What happens to Chihiro’s parents in the movie?
  6. How does Chihiro initially feel about working at the bathhouse?
  7. Who helps Chihiro navigate the spirit world?
  8. What is the name of the spirit that Chihiro befriends?
  9. What are the tasks that Chihiro has to complete in order to save her parents?
  10. What is the significance of the train in the movie?
  11. How does Chihiro change and grow throughout the movie?
  12. What is the theme or message conveyed in Spirited Away?
  13. What is your favorite scene in Spirited Away? Why?
  14. Do you think Spirited Away accurately represents Japanese culture? Why or why not?
  15. Have you ever experienced a culture shock? How did you deal with it?
  16. If you could visit any magical place, where would you go? Why?
  17. Do you believe in spirits or supernatural creatures? Why or why not?
  18. What qualities do you admire in Chihiro?
  19. How do you think the story would have been different if Chihiro was a boy instead?
  20. What lessons can we learn from Spirited Away?
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Advanced ESL Questions about Spirited Away

  1. What is your interpretation of the title “Spirited Away”? How does it relate to the story?
  2. Describe the main character, Chihiro, and her transformation throughout the movie.
  3. What is the significance of the bathhouse in the movie? How does it represent different aspects of Japanese culture?
  4. Discuss the portrayal of nature and environmental themes in Spirited Away.
  5. What role does friendship play in the story? Provide examples from the movie to support your answer.
  6. Explain the concept of spirits or yokai in Japanese folklore. How are they represented in the movie?
  7. Describe the relationship between Chihiro and Haku. How does their friendship develop over the course of the film?
  8. What is the significance of the gold seal in the story? How does it impact the characters and their motivations?
  9. Discuss the themes of greed and gluttony as depicted in Spirited Away.
  10. What message do you think the movie conveys about gender roles and empowerment?
  11. How does Spirited Away explore the idea of identity and personal growth?
  12. Explain the symbolism behind the train scene in the movie.
  13. Describe the role of the bath token in Spirited Away. What does it represent and how does it affect the characters?
  14. Discuss the portrayal of deities or gods in the bathhouse setting. How is this related to Japanese religion and mythology?
  15. What challenges does Chihiro face in her journey through the spirit world? How does she overcome them?
  16. What lessons can be learned from the character of No-Face?
  17. Explain the role and significance of Yubaba and Zeniba in the story.
  18. Discuss the contrast between the spirit world and the human world in Spirited Away.
  19. How does the film incorporate traditional Japanese art and aesthetics in its animation style?
  20. What emotions did the movie evoke in you? How did the story and characters impact you personally?

ESL Reading Activities About Spirited Away

Beginner ESL Activities About Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a famous Japanese animated film. It was created by Hayao Miyazaki and became very popular all over the world. The story follows a young girl named Chihiro who finds herself trapped in a strange world after her parents are turned into pigs. While trying to find her way back home, Chihiro encounters various supernatural creatures, both friendly and scary.

One of the interesting things about Spirited Away is the beautiful animation. The characters are drawn in great detail, and the settings are magical and captivating. The movie is known for its imaginative and dreamlike visuals, which make it a delightful experience for viewers.

In the film, Chihiro visits a bathhouse where she meets a wide range of unique creatures, such as spirits and monsters. She must work in the bathhouse to earn her keep and find a way to save her parents. Along the way, she learns important lessons about bravery and compassion.

Spirited Away is beloved for its heartwarming story, lovable characters, and enchanting soundtrack. It has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, making it a true gem in the world of animation.

Vocabulary Word
widely known or recognized
made using a series of drawings or computer graphics to create the illusion of movement
liked or enjoyed by many people
unable to escape or leave
related to forces or phenomena that cannot be explained by natural laws
holding one’s attention or interest
existing only in the imagination
the quality of being brave or courageous
sympathetic concern for the suffering or misfortune of others
delightfully charming or captivating
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Intermediate ESL Activities About Spirited Away

In the animated film Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, a young girl named Chihiro finds herself in a strange and magical world after her parents accidentally wander into the spirit realm. Chihiro must navigate this bewildering world and find a way to save her parents and return to the human realm.

The world Chihiro enters is full of fantastical creatures and spirits, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. She encounters a wide array of creatures, including a shape-shifting river spirit, a mysterious and powerful sorceress, and a gentle but protective spirit called Haku, who helps her throughout her journey.

The film explores themes of bravery, perseverance, and the importance of friendship. As Chihiro faces various challenges and overcomes obstacles, she learns to be resourceful and resilient. Through her encounters with the spirits, she gains a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her.

The visual design of the film is mesmerizing, with intricate details and vibrant colors. Miyazaki’s attention to detail brings the spirit world to life, immersing the audience in a breathtaking and enchanting experience.

Spirited Away is not only a captivating story but also a valuable resource for English language learners. By watching the film and engaging in ESL activities related to the themes and vocabulary found within, students can improve their language skills while enjoying a captivating and magical adventure.

Vocabulary Word
Spirited Away
A film directed by Hayao Miyazaki about a young girl’s adventures in a magical world.
An abstract place or state where things exist or occur.
Confusing or perplexing.
Existing only in imagination; fanciful.
Distinguishing traits or qualities.
Skillful in finding ways to overcome difficulties.
Able to recover quickly from difficult situations.
Complex or detailed.
Delighting and captivating.
Attracting and holding interest or attention.

Advanced ESL Activities About Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a beloved animated film that takes viewers on a magical journey. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, this Japanese film tells the story of a young girl named Chihiro who finds herself trapped in a spirit world. As Chihiro navigates through this strange realm, she encounters various supernatural creatures and faces numerous challenges on her quest to save her parents and find her way back home.

One of the key themes explored in Spirited Away is the importance of courage. Throughout the movie, Chihiro displays incredible bravery as she confronts intimidating spirits and overcomes her own fears. Her determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to viewers, teaching us the value of facing our fears head-on.

Another prominent theme in the film is the concept of identity. As Chihiro journeys through the spirit world, she undergoes a transformation and in the process, discovers more about her true self. This theme encourages viewers to reflect on their own identities and the importance of self-discovery.

In addition to its compelling themes, Spirited Away also captivates audiences with its stunning visuals. The animation in this film is truly breathtaking, with intricately detailed backgrounds and beautifully designed characters. The attention to detail in every frame creates a visually immersive experience, drawing viewers into the magical world of Spirited Away.

Spirited Away has garnered critical acclaim and has become a cultural phenomenon, appealing to audiences of all ages. Its timeless storytelling and thought-provoking themes make it an ideal resource for English language learners looking to engage with advanced level materials. By watching the film and participating in related ESL activities, students can expand their vocabulary, improve their comprehension skills, and gain a deeper understanding of cultural perspectives.

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Vocabulary Word
deeply loved and cherished
a domain or sphere of activity or interest
related to phenomena beyond the natural world
causing fear, awe, or timidity
the ability to recover from difficult situations
a significant change in form or appearance
the process of finding and understanding oneself
with complexity or detail
providing a deeply engaging or absorbing experience
an unusual, observable event

ESL Writing Activities About Spirited Away

Beginner ESL Writing Questions about Spirited Away

1. What is your favorite scene in Spirited Away? Describe it in detail.
2. Who is your favorite character in Spirited Away and why?
3. Imagine you are Chihiro. Describe how you would feel when you first enter the spirit world.
4. Write a short summary of the story of Spirited Away.
5. If you had the power to turn into any creature, what creature would you choose and why?

Intermediate ESL Writing Questions about Spirited Away

1. Explain the concept of “Yubaba’s spell” in Spirited Away and how it affects the characters.
2. Do you think Spirited Away is a reflection of Japanese culture? Why or why not?
3. How does Spirited Away explore the theme of identity and self-discovery?
4. Choose one character from Spirited Away and discuss their role in the film.
5. Write a review of Spirited Away, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses as a movie.

Advanced ESL Writing Questions about Spirited Away

1. Analyze the symbolism behind the character of No-Face in Spirited Away.
2. Discuss the role of food and consumption in Spirited Away, and how it relates to the themes of greed and materialism.
3. Compare and contrast the representation of the spirit world in Spirited Away with other fantasy films you have seen.
4. How does Spirited Away challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes?
5. What messages does Spirited Away convey about environmentalism and the impact of human actions on nature?

ESL Roleplay Activities about Spirited Away


Workplace Encounter

In this roleplay, students can imagine themselves working at the bathhouse in Spirited Away. Divide the class into pairs, with one student playing the role of an employee and the other as a customer. They can create dialogues where the employee takes the customer’s orders, answers questions, and provides excellent customer service.


Magical Creatures

In this activity, students can pretend to be various magical creatures from the movie Spirited Away. Assign different characters to different students and have them interact with each other in a roleplay scenario. For example, students can pretend to be No-Face, Haku, or Chihiro herself, and engage in dialogues discussing their experiences in the spirit world.


Lost in the Spirit World

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a scenario where they are lost in the spirit world, just like Chihiro in Spirited Away. Students will need to use their English language skills to communicate with each other and roleplay as they try to find their way back home. Encourage them to use vocabulary related to giving and asking for directions.


Movie Review Discussion

After watching Spirited Away as a class, assign the students different roles, such as movie critic, director, or actor/actress. Each student should prepare their thoughts and opinions to discuss the movie within their assigned role. They can then engage in a roleplay discussion where they analyze the movie, share their favorite scenes, and explain what made the movie special.


Creating a New Spirit Character

Ask students to create their own unique spirit character inspired by Spirited Away. They can work in pairs or small groups, taking turns roleplaying as their created character. Each student should describe their character’s appearance, personality, and special abilities, while engaging in dialogues where their characters interact with each other in the spirit world.