The Giver ESL Lesson Plan [Free PDF]


The Giver ESL Lesson Plan introduces students to thought-provoking themes and vocabulary. It aims to engage students in discussions about society, individuality, and freedom, making it a relevant and meaningful topic for language learners. Through this lesson, students can explore vocabulary related to emotions, social structures, and personal freedoms while also developing critical thinking skills through analyzing the book’s themes and characters. The Giver provides an opportunity for ESL students to broaden their language skills within a context that encourages deep thinking and reflection.

Vocabulary Building


an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect
an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice
behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards
the quality of being individual; uniqueness
being without emotion; showing no feelings

Contextual Usage

1. The society depicted in The Giver seems to be a utopia, where everything appears perfect on the surface.
2. In The Giver, the author presents a dystopian world, demonstrating great suffering and injustices under the facade of perfection.
3. The theme of conformity is prevalent throughout the novel, as individuals are expected to behave according to strict societal standards.
4. The protagonist struggles to maintain his individuality in a society that suppresses uniqueness.
5. In the story, characters are taught to be emotionless and not show any feelings towards their experiences.

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ESL Warm-up Activity

To kick off the lesson on The Giver, start with a thought-provoking question: “Imagine a society where everyone’s emotions are controlled and individuality is discouraged. How do you think such a society would function?” Encourage students to express their thoughts and feelings about this hypothetical scenario, setting the tone for the themes they will encounter in The Giver. This activity not only captures students’ attention but also introduces key language elements related to emotions, societal structures, and individuality relevant to The Giver ESL Lesson Plan.

Main ESL Lesson Activities

Vocabulary Activity: Emotion Exploration

Start by introducing emotion-related vocabulary from the novel. Then, ask students to share personal experiences associated with each emotion in small groups. Encourage students to use the words in sentences describing their experiences to enhance understanding and usage.

Group Discussion: Societal Structures

Divide the class into groups and assign each group a specific societal structure from The Giver. Have them discuss and compare their assigned structure with current societal norms, encouraging critical thinking and analysis.

Roleplay: Character Dilemmas

Provide scenarios based on character dilemmas from The Giver. Ask students to roleplay these scenarios in pairs or small groups, expressing characters’ thoughts and emotions while using appropriate vocabulary learned during the lesson.

Reading and Writing: Theme Analysis

Assign different themes from The Giver to student pairs. Instruct them to read relevant passages, analyze how the theme is presented, and write a short summary or reflection on its significance within the story. This activity reinforces reading comprehension while allowing for creative writing expression.

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ESL Homework Assignment

For homework, ask students to write a reflective essay discussing the impact of societal conformity on individuality, drawing examples from real life or literature. Encourage them to use vocabulary and themes introduced in The Giver ESL Lesson Plan to support their arguments. This assignment reinforces comprehension, critical thinking, and language application outside the classroom.


Lesson Summary

The Giver ESL Lesson Plan delves into thought-provoking themes and vocabulary, encouraging students to explore emotions, societal structures, and individuality within the context of the novel. Through engaging activities and discussions, students have gained a deeper understanding of language use and critical thinking.


Take a moment to reflect on how the themes from The Giver can be applied to your language development. Consider how the vocabulary related to emotions and societal norms can be used in everyday conversations or in written expression. Reflect on the importance of critical thinking when analyzing complex themes in literature as it relates to language comprehension.

Why this topic is great for ESL learning

Interdisciplinary Learning

The Giver ESL Lesson Plan integrates literature with language learning, offering students the opportunity to explore complex themes and diverse vocabulary within the context of an engaging novel. This interdisciplinary approach enhances language development while fostering critical thinking skills.

Relevance to Everyday Language

The themes and vocabulary in The Giver are relevant to everyday conversations, providing practical language use for ESL learners. By discussing societal structures, emotions, and individuality presented in the novel, students can apply these concepts to real-life situations.

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Cultural Awareness

The Giver exposes students to different societal constructs and challenges them to think critically about cultural norms. This exposure promotes cultural awareness and empathy while expanding students’ linguistic abilities within a global context.

This topic is great for ESL learning because it encourages critical thinking, language application in real-life scenarios, and fosters cultural understanding through literature-based discussions.