The Silver Chair ESL Lesson Plan [Free PDF]


The Silver Chair ESL Lesson Plan introduces students to the enchanting world of Narnia through C.S. Lewis’s captivating novel. This lesson plan aims to improve students’ reading, writing, and comprehension skills while expanding their vocabulary. By exploring the themes and characters in The Silver Chair, students will be engaged in a stimulating learning experience that encourages critical thinking and language proficiency development.

Vocabulary Building


A magical land created by C.S. Lewis, featured in The Chronicles of Narnia series.
Eustace Scrubb
A character in The Silver Chair who initially appears as an unlikeable and self-centered boy but undergoes significant change throughout the story.
An underground realm that features in the plot of The Silver Chair.
A fictional creature from C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series – known for their pessimistic outlook and unique appearance.
Giant Puddleglum
one of the main characters, a Marshwiggle

Contextual Usage

– When teaching the term ‘Narnia‘, you could explain to students: “In The Silver Chair, the characters travel to Narnia, where they encounter magical creatures and embark on a thrilling adventure.”
– Use ‘Eustace Scrubb’ within discussions like this: “Let’s explore how Eustace Scrubb’s character develops throughout The Silver Chair.”
– For ‘Underland’, encourage students to discuss it through prompts such as: “What challenges did the characters face when they ventured into Underland?”
– Introduce ‘Marshwiggle’ by asking students what they think it might be based on its name alone.
– To incorporate ‘Giant Puddleglum’, you could ask something along these lines: “What role does Giant Puddleglum play in interacting with other characters?”

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ESL Warm-up Activity

To set the tone for The Silver Chair ESL lesson, start with a role-play activity where each student takes on the persona of a character from the story. Prompt them to introduce themselves as that character and engage in a short dialogue with another student portraying a different character. This will not only familiarize them with the characters but also encourage creative language use and imaginative thinking.

Main ESL Lesson Activities

Vocabulary Activity: Character Traits

To deepen understanding of character development, ask students to select a character from The Silver Chair and brainstorm traits that describe their chosen character. Then, have them share their findings with the class, encouraging group discussions on how the characters’ traits influence the story.

Reading and Writing: Letter Writing

Task students with writing a letter from one character to another, expressing their thoughts and experiences during a key event in the story. After completing their letters, facilitate pair work where students exchange and provide feedback on each other’s writing style and content.

Roleplay: Plot Reenactment

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a pivotal scene from The Silver Chair to reenact. This hands-on exercise encourages students to immerse themselves in the storyline while practising dialogue delivery. Afterward, initiate a discussion about their interpretations of the scenes.

Listening: Audio Narration Analysis

Play an audio excerpt from The Silver Chair for students to listen to attentively. Subsequently, engage them in a guided discussion about the tone of voice used by the narrator and its impact on understanding different characters’ personalities within the narrative.

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ESL Homework Assignment

For homework, encourage students to write a short creative piece expanding on an event or character from The Silver Chair. This could be in the form of a diary entry, a continuation of the story, or a character analysis. Furthermore, they can be tasked with finding and noting down new vocabulary words encountered while reading The Silver Chair for discussion in the next class.


Summary of Key Points

Throughout this lesson, we delved into the magical world of Narnia through The Silver Chair, immersing ourselves in character analysis, creative writing, and listening activities.

Reflect and Apply

Take a moment to ponder how exploring the characters and themes in The Silver Chair has enriched your language skills. Consider how you can apply the strategies learned, such as vocabulary expansion and creative expression, to further develop your English proficiency.

Why this topic is great for ESL learning

Engaging and Relatable Content

The Silver Chair ESL Lesson Plan provides students with an engaging and relatable learning experience. The captivating world of Narnia and the intriguing characters from C.S. Lewis’s novel capture students’ imagination, making the language-learning process more enjoyable.

Vocabulary Expansion

By exploring The Silver Chair, students are exposed to a rich variety of vocabulary words and expressions. They encounter terms related to fantasy, character traits, setting descriptions, and more. This not only enhances their vocabulary but also improves their overall English language skills.

Reading Comprehension Development

Through reading The Silver Chair and participating in various activities based on the story, students improve their reading comprehension skills. They learn how to analyze text for character development, plot progression, and understanding different literary elements.

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Creative Writing Opportunities

The Silver Chair ESL Lesson Plan provides ample opportunities for creative writing. Students can imagine new scenes or write from the perspective of different characters in the novel. This allows them to practice expressing themselves creatively while incorporating essential language skills.

Overall, The Silver Chair ESL Lesson Plan offers a dynamic approach to language learning where students can explore an exciting story while improving their vocabulary retention, reading comprehension abilities, and creative writing skills simultaneously.