ESL Questions About Tangled

Hey there, ESL teachers! Are you searching for some engaging and interactive activities to add to your English language lessons? Look no further! In today’s blog post, we are going to explore the wonderful world of tangled sentences. Now, before you start picturing knots of hair or wires, let me explain. Tangled sentences are a clever way to challenge your students to untangle jumbled words and phrases and put them back in the correct order. Not only will this activity improve their grammar and sentence structure skills, but it will also spark their creativity and problem-solving abilities. So, let’s dive in and discover how to create and use tangled sentences effectively in your classroom!

ESL Speaking Questions About Tangled

Beginner ESL Questions about Tangled

  1. What is the name of the movie?
  2. Who is the main character?
  3. Where does the story take place?
  4. What color is Rapunzel’s hair?
  5. Why was Rapunzel locked in a tower?
  6. Who is her only company in the tower?
  7. How long was Rapunzel in the tower?
  8. What happens when Rapunzel sings a special song?
  9. Who helps Rapunzel escape from the tower?
  10. What is the name of the thief who helps Rapunzel?
  11. What item does the thief steal from the palace?
  12. What does the thief quickly realize about Rapunzel’s hair?
  13. What is the name of the horse that follows the thief and Rapunzel?
  14. Why does the horse dislike the thief?
  15. Where do Rapunzel and the thief go together?
  16. What do they see in the kingdom?
  17. Who is the queen of the kingdom?
  18. What does Rapunzel eventually discover about her true identity?
  19. What is the name of the villain in the movie?
  20. How does Rapunzel save the thief from the villain?

Intermediate ESL Questions about Tangled

  • 1. What is the name of the main character in Tangled?
  • 2. Where does Rapunzel live?
  • 3. How long was Rapunzel kept in the tower?
  • 4. Who raised Rapunzel in the tower?
  • 5. What is the name of Rapunzel’s chameleon friend?
  • 6. Why does Mother Gothel keep Rapunzel in the tower?
  • 7. How does Flynn Rider end up in Rapunzel’s tower?
  • 8. What is Rapunzel’s magical power?
  • 9. Who is the horse that helps Rapunzel?
  • 10. What is the name of the kingdom where the story takes place?
  • 11. What does Rapunzel use to heal wounds?
  • 12. How does Rapunzel finally escape the tower?
  • 13. Who confronts Mother Gothel in the end?
  • 14. What does Rapunzel use to defeat Mother Gothel?
  • 15. What color is Rapunzel’s hair naturally?
  • 16. What is the name of Rapunzel’s love interest?
  • 17. Where do Rapunzel and Flynn Rider see the lanterns?
  • 18. What is the significance of the floating lanterns?
  • 19. How does Rapunzel react when she sees her own reflection in a mirror?
  • 20. How does the movie Tangled end?
  • Advanced ESL Questions about Tangled

    1. Can you summarize the storyline of Tangled in your own words?
    2. What are the main characteristics and personality traits of Rapunzel?
    3. How does Rapunzel feel about her hair in the beginning of the movie, and how does her opinion change throughout the film? Why?
    4. Describe the relationship between Rapunzel and Mother Gothel. How does it evolve in the story?
    5. What are some of the challenges that Rapunzel faces during her journey to see the floating lanterns?
    6. How does Flynn Rider initially view Rapunzel, and how does his perception of her change as they spend more time together?
    7. What role does Pascal, the chameleon, play in the movie?
    8. Discuss the significance of the floating lanterns in the story and what they represent for Rapunzel.
    9. How does Rapunzel demonstrate her independence and strength throughout the movie?
    10. Compare and contrast the characters of Mother Gothel and the Stabbington Brothers.
    11. What is the theme or main message that Tangled conveys? How is it portrayed in the film?
    12. Why is the character of Maximus, the horse, important to the storyline?
    13. Describe the transformation that Rapunzel undergoes in terms of her appearance, personality, and confidence.
    14. How does the environment and setting of Tangled contribute to the overall atmosphere and mood of the film?
    15. What are some of the ways in which Tangled incorporates humor into the story?
    16. Discuss the role of music and songs in Tangled. Which songs do you find most memorable and why?
    17. How does Rapunzel’s relationship with her biological parents, the King and Queen, influence her choices throughout the movie?
    18. In what ways does Tangled challenge traditional gender roles and expectations?
    19. What lessons or values can be learned from Tangled?
    20. If you were to change one aspect of Tangled, what would it be and why?

    ESL Reading Activities About Tangled

    Beginner ESL Activities about Tangled

    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. She had long, golden hair that reached all the way down to the ground. Rapunzel lived in a tall tower, far away from the rest of the world. The only way to get to her tower was by climbing up her magical hair. She was kept there by a wicked witch who wanted to use Rapunzel’s hair for its magical powers.

    Rapunzel was very lonely in her tower, but she loved to sing to pass the time. One day, a brave prince named Flynn Rider happened to pass by her tower. He heard Rapunzel’s voice and was enchanted by her beautiful singing. He decided to climb up her long hair to meet her.

    When Rapunzel saw Flynn, she was scared at first. But he quickly reassured her that he meant no harm. They became friends, and Flynn promised to help Rapunzel escape from the tower. They faced many obstacles and challenges along the way, but together they overcame them all.

    One of the most memorable adventures they had was when they encountered a group of lanterns floating up into the night sky. It was a breathtaking sight, and Rapunzel and Flynn could not help but be amazed. These lanterns symbolized hope and freedom, and they gave Rapunzel the courage to pursue her dreams.

    In the end, Rapunzel was reunited with her real family, and she discovered that she was a lost princess. She also learned that true love and friendship can conquer any obstacle. Rapunzel and Flynn lived happily ever after.

    Vocabulary Words

    Vocabulary Word
    A female member of a royal family
    A tall, narrow building, often part of a castle
    Relating to or using magic or supernatural forces
    Evil or morally wrong
    Filled with great delight or charm
    Something that blocks or stands in the way
    Extremely exciting, beautiful, or surprising
    To serve as a symbol of something
    To overcome and take control of
    To come together again, especially after a period of separation

    Intermediate ESL Activities About Tangled

    Tangled is a popular animated movie that tells the story of Rapunzel, a young princess with long, magical hair. The movie is filled with adventure, laughter, and heartwarming moments that make it a favorite among both kids and adults. If you’re an ESL teacher looking for engaging activities to enhance your students’ English skills while exploring the world of Tangled, here are some ideas:

    1. Magical: In Tangled, Rapunzel’s hair possesses magical properties that can heal wounds. Discuss the concept of magic with your students and have them imagine what magical powers they would like to have.

    2. Adventure: The movie is packed with exciting adventures as Rapunzel leaves her tower and explores the outside world for the first time. Encourage your students to describe their own adventurous experiences or create a storyboard for a new Tangled adventure.

    3. Empowered: Rapunzel is a strong and determined character who takes charge of her own life. Have a class discussion about empowerment and ask your students to share their own experiences of feeling empowered.

    4. Resilience: Throughout the movie, Rapunzel shows resilience in the face of challenges. Ask your students to think about a time when they had to be resilient and how they overcame obstacles.

    5. Friendship: Explore the theme of friendship in Tangled, focusing on Rapunzel’s relationship with her chameleon companion, Pascal, and Flynn Rider, the charming rogue she meets on her journey. Have your students discuss the importance of friendship and what qualities make a good friend.

    6. Corona: The kingdom of Corona is the setting for the movie. Teach your students about different types of kingdoms, their structures, and how they are governed.

    7. Music: Tangled is known for its catchy songs. Use the movie’s soundtrack to introduce your students to new vocabulary and expressions embedded in the lyrics.

    8. Romance: Explore the romantic storyline between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Discuss the concept of romance with your students and have them express their views on love and relationships.

    9. Mother Gothel: In the movie, Rapunzel is taken captive by Mother Gothel, who pretends to be her mother. Talk about the theme of deceit and have your students discuss instances when they have experienced or observed deception.

    10. Fairy Tale: Tangled is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel. Introduce your students to different fairy tales and have them compare and contrast the elements of traditional and modern versions.

    Vocabulary Words:

    Vocabulary Word
    Relating to magic or possessing supernatural powers
    An exciting or daring experience
    Having the confidence and authority to take control of one’s life
    The ability to recover quickly from difficulties or bounce back from adversity
    A relationship between friends characterized by mutual affection and support
    A kingdom or setting within the movie Tangled
    Artistic sounds and rhythms produced by vocal or instrumental means
    A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love
    Mother Gothel
    The deceptive character who poses as Rapunzel’s mother
    Fairy Tale
    A traditional story typically involving magical beings and often ending in a happy ending

    Advanced ESL Activities About Tangled

    Tangled, also known as Rapunzel in some countries, is a beloved animated film that tells the story of a young princess with magical, long golden hair. This heartwarming tale is filled with adventure, comedy, and love. It has captivated audiences all around the world, and it is especially popular among children and adults alike.

    The story revolves around Rapunzel, a princess who has been trapped in a tower by an evil witch named Mother Gothel. She is kept away from the outside world for years, until a thief named Flynn Rider stumbles upon her hidden tower. This unexpected encounter leads to a series of thrilling and humorous events as Rapunzel and Flynn embark on a journey to discover the truth about Rapunzel’s past and find their own happiness.

    One of the main themes in Tangled is the powerful bond between Rapunzel and her long, magical hair. Rapunzel’s hair possesses the ability to heal wounds and restore youth. This unique trait becomes the catalyst for many of the story’s twists and turns. Along their journey, Rapunzel and Flynn must navigate through various challenges, including encounters with thugs, a persistent horse, and a pub full of lively patrons.

    Tangled is also known for its memorable and catchy musical numbers. The film features songs such as “When Will My Life Begin?”, “I See the Light”, and “Mother Knows Best”. These songs not only add depth to the characters’ emotions but also provide an opportunity for viewers to sing along and enjoy the music.

    This enchanting film teaches valuable lessons about bravery, following one’s dreams, and the power of love. It promotes the idea that everyone can find their own unique path in life, no matter the obstacles they face. Tangled has been praised for its beautiful animation, engaging story, and relatable characters.

    Vocabulary Words
    evoke feelings of warmth, affection, or tenderness
    completely fascinated or engrossed
    centers or focuses around a particular thing or person
    a chance or unexpected meeting
    exciting, providing a sense of adventure or suspense
    something that causes a significant change or event
    travel through or find a way through difficult or unfamiliar terrain
    continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action despite difficulty or opposition
    able to be identified with or understood on a personal level
    something that obstructs or hinders progress or action

    ESL Writing Activities About Tangled

    Beginner ESL Writing Questions about “Tangled”

    1. What is the main character’s name in “Tangled”?
    2. Can you describe what Rapunzel’s hair looks like in the movie?
    3. Where does Rapunzel live?
    4. Who is the villain in the story?
    5. Can you write a short summary of the plot of “Tangled”?

    Intermediate ESL Writing Questions about “Tangled”

    1. How does Rapunzel end up in the tower?
    2. How does Rapunzel meet Flynn Rider?
    3. What is the significance of Rapunzel’s long hair?
    4. Describe Rapunzel’s relationship with her “mother” in the movie.
    5. Can you analyze the character development of Rapunzel throughout the movie?

    Advanced ESL Writing Questions about “Tangled”

    1. Discuss the theme of freedom in “Tangled” and how it is portrayed throughout the movie.
    2. Compare and contrast the character of Mother Gothel with other famous Disney villains.
    3. Analyze the role of the sidekicks, Pascal and Maximus, in the progression of the story.
    4. How does the animation style of “Tangled” contribute to the overall storytelling?
    5. Reflect on the impact of the songs in “Tangled” and how they enhance the narrative.

    ESL Roleplay Activities about Tangled

    1. Act out a Scene: Divide the class into pairs and assign each pair a scene or situation from the movie Tangled. They can either choose a famous scene or create their own based on the characters and storyline. Encourage them to use the appropriate dialogue and tone for their assigned characters. After practicing, have each pair perform their scene in front of the class.

    2. Character Interviews: Assign each student a character from Tangled and have them imagine they are being interviewed by a journalist. Provide a list of questions that the journalist might ask about their character’s personality, backstory, and experiences in the movie. Encourage students to roleplay as their assigned character and answer the questions in character during a class discussion.

    3. Rewriting the Story: Divide the class into small groups and ask each group to choose a specific scene from Tangled. Instruct them to rewrite the scene and change the outcome or dialogue to create an alternative version of the story. Once they have finished rewriting the scene, ask each group to perform their revised version in a roleplay format. Encourage creativity and discussion about the changes they made.

    4. Creative Problem Solving: Choose a situation from Tangled where the characters encounter a problem or conflict. Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a role of one or more characters. Instruct them to act out the situation and come up with creative solutions to solve the problem. Each group can take turns presenting their solutions and explaining their reasoning.

    5. Improvised Endings: Have the class watch an excerpt from Tangled without the ending. Divide the class into small groups and instruct each group to improvise their own ending to the scene. Encourage them to consider the emotions and motivations of the characters involved. Once each group has prepared their improvised ending, have them perform it in a roleplay format for the rest of the class to watch and discuss.

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